Portage County Democratic Party

Who we are.

We are the representatives of the citizens of Portage County, who elect us as members of the Central Committee at Democratic primary elections according to the laws of the state of Ohio. 

What we believe.

We believe in putting people first in all we do, and support a "Blueprint for Ohio" that includes living wages, affordable health care, opportunities for education and advancement, fighting for women and minorities, and electing leaders we can trust. 

What we do.

We work to elect to public office the candidates endorsed by the Democratic Party, encourage citizens to participate in our government, and promote the principles of the Democratic Party.

Where we are.

We operate voter education exhibits at the County Fair, Heritage Day, the Balloon-A-Fair and other community events. Our office is located at 210 S. Meridian St., Ravenna, OH 44266.

Office hours.

We are currently open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10am - 2pm, Monday and Wednesday from 5pm - 7pm, and Saturday 11am - 1pm. Stop by to see us and find out how you can #BeTheChange in Portage County!

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