Elected Officials

Federal Officials

United States Senator - Sherrod Brown

United States Representative, 13th Congressional District - Tim Ryan

State of Ohio Officials

Ohio Supreme Court - Justice Melody J. Stewart and Justice Michael P. Donnelly

Ohio Court of Appeals, 11th District - 
Timothy P. Cannon, Cynthia W. Rice, Thomas R. Wright and Mary Jane Trapp

Ohio House of Representatives, 75th District - Randi Clites

Portage County Officials

Clerk of Courts - Jill Fankhauser

Commissioners - Vicki Kline and Kathleen Clyde

Coroner - Dean J. DePerro

Court of Common Pleas, General Division - Laurie J. Pittman

Court of Common Pleas, Domestic Relations Division - Paula C. Giulitto

Court of Common Pleas, Probate/Juvenile Division - Bob Berger

Engineer  - Michael A. Marozzi

Municipal Court - Kevin T. Poland and Mark K. Fankhauser

Prosecuting Attorney  - Victor V. Vigluicci

Sheriff - David W. Doak

Treasurer - Brad Cromes